It really depends on the type of job you are applying for, but a portfolio is essential for a job interview. For careers in the creative position or jobs that are inclined with sales or marketing, most of the time you are required to show samples of your work, achievements, creative work samples and sales figures. This is to demonstrate or attest to the employer that you are as ‘talented’ as you say.

Get to know the significant items that should be included in your portfolio. Only bring the most impressive, relevant and detailed sample works and documents to showcase your skills in a great way. These items should be in your job interview portfolio.

  • Updated CV/Resume
  • Copies of your Educational Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses and Certifications
  • Copies of your Transcripts
  • Awards, Honors or certificates of recognitions
  • Certificates from Conferences and Workshops
  • Sample works, summaries or projects
  • Sales report
  • Emails or letters of compliment from customers or clients
  • Positive employment evaluations
  • References from previous employers

In any case, employers will require for a digital portfolio, but if there’s a need for you to present your work physically, make it in a professional manner. This is overlooked by some job seekers but a well-made portfolio is essential.

The look and how you organized your portfolio is important. Show your best work, but don’t include them all. Assemble only the most relevant and latest work samples that can present your skills. Make sure that each sample has a specific purpose for the job. It’s best to have fifteen pages or below for your samples works. Keep at least two copies of your portfolio some employers may want to keep it.

A portfolio can be a vital tool for you to get the job. It helps demonstrate to the employer that you are qualified for the position. Make sure that your portfolio fits for the position you’re applying for. You also need to know and practice how to present your portfolio. Stand out from other applicants by having a well-prepared and impressive job interview portfolio.



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