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A lot of us has experience going to a job interview and at the last part the roles are reversed when the recruiter ask us for some questions.  Employers advised that answering “No, I have no questions,” is not recommendable. It would be better to ask smart questions. We have to consider that not to ask questions doesn’t look good to recruiters. The following are 10 questions you should never ask in a job interview.

  1. Never ask about Salary or Benefits. These don’t need to be discussed until an offer has been made. It also goes to sick leave and vacation days. Avoid questions that sounds like you are assuming to be in the job position already. Wait until the interviewer brings it out first.
  2. Never ask Questions that start with ‘Why’. These are the type of questions that puts people on the defensive. For example “Why did the company lay off people last year?” Instead make it less confrontational like “I read about the layoffs you had. What’s your opinion on how the company is positioned for the future?”
  3. Never ask about the Company’s Competitors. This question shows that you didn’t have enough research about the company prior to the interview. Asking this may backfire on you. Consider you question if it’s something you can find in the Internet or don’t ask it at all.
  4. Never ask about how often do Reviews Occur. Whether you’re curious or concerned about your performance review, this can be seen that you are mindful about how often negative feedbacks from the company appraisal policies. Try not to ask this. Try to be confident and avoid the question.
  5. Never ask about Attendance. If you ask about if going to work late is okay, this would be a red light for the employer. Make it clear that you are hoping for a flexible work schedule to accommodate your concern.
  6. Never ask if you can work from home. Don’t ask this, unless it was stated in the job description. Asking special favors during a job interview is not the right time. The priority is selling you to the recruiter.
  7. Don’t ever showing off your Reference, unless you’re asked to. It’s good to gain the attention of the recruiter, but avoid showing your reference during the interview. It may be too soon or can be seen as an act of desperation.
  8. Never ask about how soon they Promote Employees. Asking this will make you look arrogant and assuming.
  9. Don’t ask if you’ll get your own Office. This question is a major no-no unless you already have the offer. If an office is a prerequisite to any job you’ll take, you may want to reconsider your priorities.
  10. Don’t ask if they monitor Social Media Profiles. It is a valid concern with today’s world but it’s better not to ask this. Just to play safe, don’t post or say anything that is offensive about your company or co-workers on Facebook or anywhere in the Internet.


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