When you are being interviewed for a certain job, you should be aware that you are selling yourself to the hiring manager. You should explain well why your background, skills, and industry experience are a match for the position. But there’s one crucial piece that you shouldn’t overlook: is your personality right for the job? Do you have the qualities employers look for when they’re hiring?

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Rosemary Haefner, Chief Human Resources Officer at Career Resource and Job-listing site CareerBuilder once said, “When companies are assessing job candidates, they’re looking for someone who is not only proficient in a particular function but also has the right personality.” Once you get into a job interview, most employers are looking for qualities in their new hires that are never listed in their job ad. They look for certain traits that would stand out through answering the job-interview questions and giving out questions in return.

Below I will explain to you the 12 outstanding qualities employers look for when they are hiring.

  1.       A person who understand his own path – There is a certain path you’ve been following from the moment you were born. Employers like to see an applicant who can tell his story in such a way that it is clear how he’d followed an interest or passion for getting to the place he stands right now. Can you talk about your path going forward?
  1.       Self-directed – Hiring Managers look for applicants who know what they want in their career and are willing to work for it. It’s okay to mention your goals to the hiring manager like starting your own company someday but since you’re still a fresh graduate today, you want to learn all you can about how business works. The right managers will appreciate that about you. They will interpret it as something like you pay close attention to whatever business you’re working in than a person who has no goals and took the job just to get a paycheck. Keep in mind that great employers want to hire people with goals, like you.
  1.       Can point to successes at work or elsewhere – When a hiring manager asks you to tell a story about a time when you felt victorious, what stories from your past comes up to your mind? You should be able to talk about your successes. It doesn’t need to be big or prestigious but simple stories about saving the day at work or in a volunteer situation could help you get their attention.
  1.       Knowledgeable of their strengths – Employers are looking for people who know what are their strengths and weaknesses. With that in mind, you can use your strengths to stand out during your interview. Instead of saying, “I’m really good at Excel”, you can say “I love Excel – and I love to teach other people the finer points of using Excel, like creating nested reports and Macros.”
  1.       Think independently – Strong, great hiring managers want to hire people who have their own ideas. In every job interview, take the opportunity to share your opinion, rather than giving a standard answer to the interview questions. Employers need smart people around to brainstorm with – so take the opportunity to be that smart person they’re looking for.
  1.       Problem-solving skills – Companies are looking for people who are motivated to take on challenges with minimal instructions. You should be able to see when something needs to be done and react to that accordingly. Tell a story about a problem you’ve solved. Perhaps you found a better way to organize something or you improved on a process that didn’t make sense. In most job interviews, your hiring managers will see that your brain is working and you’ll see his/her brain working too!
  1.       Ambitious – Having an ambition means you have the goal of getting better and stronger throughout your career. It could mean moving up to the corporate world, starting up your own business or going off the grid to something completely new. Great employers look for employees with ambition so be one.
  1.       Enthusiastic about the job – It could also mean being proactive. Proactive employees don’t wait to be told what to do. They jump into action when they see a way to help. Employers want to hire people who are enthusiastic about the job. You can illustrate this quality through asking questions about the work you’ll be performing in the job. Don’t be ashamed to ask questions that show you’ve been thinking about the job description and the recruiter will surely appreciate it!
  1.       Eager and willing to add their knowledge base and skills – As businesses change, there is often a need to find out the latest information, expand knowledge and explore new ways of doing things. If you have an interest in learning, and the willingness to pass it on to others, you’ll become valuable. If you like to read in your spare time or follow courses online, say it!
  1.   Goal-oriented – If you are fond of setting goals and hit them, make that clear in your job interview. Talk about how goals have been important in your life so far. Talk about how you set a goal to start your own blog, for example, and gather 500 readers and then how you hit that goal!
  1.   Ability to work in Harmony with Co-workers – Employers like to have people working with them, who can get along well with their colleagues and who can work with others effectively in different circumstances. Teamwork is a critical attribute for every company. Be ready to answer the question “Tell me about how you function as a team” or “Are you good in working with a team?” with a relevant story about a situation that required teamwork, and which you and your team came through.
  1.   Responsible and Reliable – Last but not the least, employers want to hire people who take responsibility for themselves and the situations they’re in. During the interview, mention the responsibilities you’ve taken on in your working life and outside. Don’t ever be embarrassed or shy about sharing any non-business experience. Sometimes those experiences show your character most of all!

Now that you know the 12 Outstanding Qualities Employers Look for when they are Hiring, it should add your confidence in the job interview. Carefully highlight those qualities on your updated resume and don’t forget to mention them on your job interview. With these in mind, you’ll surely get the job you want.

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