Interview Presentation

Most employers will require their applicants to give a presentation as part of the hiring process. Yes, aside from the stressful job interview, you can possibly undergo a presentation for the employer. The thing is a presentation is an important part of the process for hiring. It allows the potential employer to evaluate and measure your skills on how you do in a presentation. This can also allow you to flex your public speaking skills, know-hows of an exact topic and how well you handle the press. A presentation is not a bad thing; it’s actually a chance for you to impress your employer. A well-made presentation that is delivered well can be the key for you to get the job.

A presentation is as important as your interview. It’s always better to prepare and show the employer that you have what it takes to be in the job position. If the employer asks you for a presentation then treat it seriously, don’t give something below-par, it could possibly cost you the chance of getting hired.

Familiarize these 5 tips to ace your interview presentation.

Get to know what you’ll be up to.

Most likely you’ll be asked to do a presentation after the interview. The first thing you might want to do is ask the employer some questions. Know more about the topics you’re asked to handle, how much time is allotted for to make it and what kind of presentation the employer wants.

It is vital to know to whom you will be presenting. The level of knowledge or proficiency of the audience is also a factor. Are they going to be your bosses, co-workers or clients? Getting the idea for your presentation will help you determine and focus on the style and which tone you will be using.

Make a process.

After finding out the purpose of your presentation you need to create a process. It should be clear enough for your audience to follow as well as yourself. Your presentation process has to have the basic components that include an attractive start, a persuasive argument in the middle and a conclusion that satisfies the task.  As part of the hiring process, you still want to impress your audience. Add examples of your skills or work experience in your presentation. Give recommendations on how you will handle a certain task or other ways that you can connect to the needs of your employers.

Use presentation tools.

Practically you can use PowerPoint or Prezi for your presentation. Your audience can benefit a lot from a visual presentation. It allows you to highlight the key points you want your audience to know. The last thing you do is to depend on your PowerPoint presentation. The focus of your audience is on you and what you’ll say. The designs and samples on your PowerPoint are just aids.

One thing to remember is that each slide should catch the attention of your audience, but don’t make it too distracting. Handouts are also a good idea. Give them to your audience as a reminder of your presentation and of you. Your handouts should only give out the important points for your audience to remember.

Practice and Rehearse

After making your presentation the next important step to do is to familiarize the parts and practice it. Do a rehearsal with other people or by yourself. Practicing your presentation allows you to receive feedbacks or spot flaws in it for you to correct. Memorizing the entire presentation is not necessary. Practice it and get familiar with the major points.

Nervous habits should be avoided during your presentation. Try to avoid saying “like”, “um” or fidgeting, these will make you look nervous to your audience. Practice is important for you to look and feel confident in front of your future employer.

Deliver a great presentation

To deliver a great presentation start before you actually do it. You still need to dress professionally, be confident and smile. When you present it, keep an eye on your body language. Stand up while you’re doing the presentation. Place yourself in front of the audience so that they’ll see you, your movements and how you stand.

Eye contact with the audience during the presentation is important. Speak with confidence and try to make your voice convey authority. Keep yourself calm and take the time to breathe.

A well-made presentation also shows the quality of your ideas, how clear you can think, and your verbal communication skills and of course presentation skills. Remember the hiring process does not finish the interview, treat the presentation seriously. Familiarize it, so that when the audience asks you for question after, you can deliver them the answers. Employers will be evaluating you and your presentation if you are fit for the job. With confidence and a well-delivered presentation can help you land the job.



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