6 simple ways to make good first impression in a job interview

The first impression lasts, especially on job interviews.

It is common perspective to prepare your credentials and yourself for possible tough questions you’ll face in your job interview. You will be formulating witty and professional answers to impress your interviewers and hopefully get the job you want.

However, before you will be given a chance to deliver your “pageant-worthy” answers, you will notice that the interviewer already have all eyes on you, eyeing you from head to toe, evaluating you if you are really fit for the job and in the company. From the moment you enter the interviewer’s office, the pressure is on. You have to make an impeccable first impression.

So before you proceed to your job interview, take note of these six simple ways on how to make good first impression and some tips on how to have a successful job interview.

1. Research about the company. Don’t just go to your interview knowing nothing. Make some research about the company you are applying. Familiarize their mission and vision, their history, and even their company tagline. This way, you’ll be prepared if ever you will be asked on what you know about the company. Also, it gives a signal that you are definitely interested in the company.

2. Review the job posting. In connection to the previous point of view, review the job posting and make some research on the position you are applying for. Further, fix in your mind the content of your resume so that you’ll have a clear idea on what you can give for the company.

3. Be on time. You’ve heard it a million times: “Time is gold”. Being on time for an interview actually, sends a signal that you are trustworthy and a reliable person. But, don’t show up too early because it makes an impression that you are over-eager and aggressive to have the job. However, don’t also show up late because it’s really a turn-off.

4. Power dressing. Although this is not the primary basis of the interviewer’s decision, you should always  “dress to impress”. Show up in an interview with a professional attire as if you are having an appointment with a queen. Take note that your clothes should be neat and clean, not too tight or too baggy, and not too revealing. Also, there’s such a thing as too much perfume and makeup. Wear a perfume and makeup that is not so strong, go light, very very light or do not wear perfume at all.

5. Be confident. Your entrance is also a key in making a good impression. Don’t just enter the interviewer’s office, hold your head up high, acknowledge everyone in the room, smile and maintain eye to eye contact. Take some deep breath and relax.

6. Be kind. This is not just applicable on your job interview. Be kind to everyone you meet including security guards, janitors, receptionists, and other employees you meet in the company. Those employees may be a factor in your employment since they may share their impressions about you with the managers.

Indeed, job interviews can be very stressful, but it won’t be that nerve-wracking if you somehow follow the steps mentioned above. Just do your best, don’t panic and you’ll surely make good first impression on your job interview.