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jane-fairlisle, how to find a job, looking for a job UKYou might be wondering who’s behind this blog? Well, to start off, my name is Jane Fairlisle, a marketing associate graduate. Just like you, I finished a bachelor’s degree way back 2010 and I thought that I would land a job with flying colours, but none of that exactly happened. What I experienced, instead, was the endless cycle of mounting through job flyers, browsing the internet for hours and submitted application in every companies I could think of. But the responses I received were only few, and most of them had declined my application. It took me 6 months (yes, you read it right!) to land a job in a marketing firm. But I tell you, it was a small business firm. So let’s just say that, the wages and benefits were not that all great. However, it was not the financial aspect that made me stressed beyond recognition. It was the fact that I rendered a 12-hour overtime work consistently just to finish an insane amount of job with only one day-off per week. By the time I came home, I’m already half-dead and would just sleep right away to face another tedious cycle the next day. This robotic cycle in life made me think of my future and what I really want in life. And that’s when I started the search to land in my dream job.

Now, I am happy to say that I am now working as an Internet Marketing Manager in an IT firm. And I had never felt happier in my life. I landed a stable job with a great boss who appreciate my contributions to the company and guide me to become a better person. Having experience such a long journey in the corporate world, I am inspired to help you “skip” these fleeting moments in your life by searching your dream job right away. Which, leads me, to the creation of this website.

With millions of fresh graduates and people resigning to seek for a better work opportunity, it’s difficult for us to land a job. Even more so if you’re trying to find a stable, sustainable job that is in lieu of your passion or dream. With all the bills we need to pay and responsibilities to support our family, looking for a job UK may seem out of reach. Is it the end for you?

Absolutely not! You see, looking for a job UK may seem “out of reach”, but it’s certainly NOT impossible. It’s still not too late to land your dream job! How, you ask? That’s where we’ll come in!

TipsJobSeekers is the leading provider of employment tips for our aspiring job seekers. We offer comprehensive guides and tips from preparing your own resume, interview, up to landing a great job and how to find a job and stay longer and happy with it. We provide tips on how to choose a great boss and leader who will help you to grow and improve yourself, both in a professional and personal sense. We also provide latest news and updates about the work industry and how it may affect your living and employment status. We also pride ourselves in partnering with major companies, in which, they provide insights about their ideal employee. And who knows? They might hire you, too!