Finishing the final stage of your job interview could be a sign of great relief for you. But not all things can go easily. Most of the time employers will contact you as soon as possible when you get accepted for the job.  But what if a couple of days or even weeks have passed and they still didn’t contact you. Perhaps you’ll think that you did not qualify for the job or your interview didn’t go well. At this stage hoping for a positive response is all you can do.

You could say that it will be better if you forget about the interview and continue to look for a job. The best way to deal with this dilemma is to follow-up with the employer. The interview was just the start of the employment process. The key here is to stay on the employer’s radar, not by constantly contacting them, but to follow-up in a professional manner. These are the best way on how to follow-up after job interview, without annoying the employer.

Send a Thank-you Note

Always make a make way to send a thank-you note to your interviewer as soon as possible after your job interview. This is a form of a follow-up, send it by the way of email or text, and avoid calling them. It should be brief, approachable and relaxed. Your note should also reaffirm that you’re interested in the position. Sending a thank-you note is a good opportunity to augment noteworthy information about yourself that you may have gone over during the interview.

Check In

After sending your thank-you note it’s not a guarantee the employer will contact you right away. It was the first and easiest step. The scenario could be difficult if they haven’t contacted you after a couple of weeks. At this stage, it’s normal to worry. Checking in with the employer should be done if they still haven’t contacted you after an estimated timeline.

Don’t just jump to conclusions that you were not qualified. The employment process could take a little while. Avoid annoying them, wait a couple of days or at least 1 week before you check in with the employer. Do it in a polite manner.

Staying in Touch

Finally, you might use a little discretion if you get to this stage. If they still haven’t contacted you, it would be better to include the employer to your network. See them as a colleague that you can possibly have a working relationship. Add them up on LinkedIn; just don’t go over-the-top with it. Always be conscious whether you appear to be useful or irritating. Remember to remain proactive.

So if you still haven’t received any good new after a job interview, don’t waste the momentum. Keep applying and improve your CV. If you didn’t get the job, move one. There’s nothing wrong with sending a follow-up, you’ll never know that one message can help you land the job. Keep it professional and avoid making an unnecessary fuss when making a follow-up.